Discussion Series

Taking The Business Synergy to Higher Level.

In any business planning setting, Lion City Furniture provide a conductive environment where directors, managers and staff can have a high quality discussion.

Coming in with various high-quality small boardroom tables in shapes, styles and features such as such as cable ports for continuous workflow and modesty panels for a tidy space, Our highly popular discussion series is sure to compliment your contemporary, traditional or modern office.

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Take your pick in our our extensive collection of executive discussion desk with array of designs and styles, 

If you want to boost your business’ organisation and productivity, you can also take advantage of our space planning option when you purchase the discussion series from us.

The Benefits Of A Good Small Boardroom Table

  • Space for its conductive use, whether that’s for coffee, lunch or meetings.
  • Signals to clients and visitors that you care about your staff.
  • Promoting a casual relaxing environment amidst the daily busyness of an office.

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