The Executive Armchair Series

Empowering creativity and clarity

Our Executive Armchair series combines comfortable seating with ergonomic features, giving working executive who spend long hours at their desks the support they need for work efficiency. Our range include low-back, armless designs that fit in cubicles or behind reception desks, luxurious high-back models for executive offices, and chairs with adjustable backs, seats and armrests that give users complete control over their seating.


Adjustable armrests relieve shoulder and wrist fatigue when typing, and recline mechanisms let users enjoy a few moments of relaxation when needed. Contoured seat and back padding provides firm support, and waterfall seat edges reduce pressure on the back of the user’s legs, enhancing circulation. Unique ball or kneeling chair designs offer alternative seating options.

Sitting in a properly fitted office chair brings plenty of benefit such as reducing the physical stress and enhancing mental focus. Chairs with height-adjustable seats and backs accommodate seamlessly to any body type and shape. We also have models that comes with built-in lumbar supports, to encourage an upright posture that reduces lower back stress. 

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